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A small group of friends from work are attempting to adjust to a polyphasic sleep cycle (Uberman Sleep Schedule) to get more useful hours out of the day. This log will track the actual experiment with emphasis how well I make use of the time to accomplish some long term goals I never have enough time to meet. Nori


Monday, July 01, 2002

polyphased my way up to canada, driving, napping etc. Was suprised at how well it works. I usually get tired driving, but having the naps and I guess being used to napping helps. And if I did get tired, after the nap was fine (didn't completely abandon coffee though).

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Made it through another night (not sure if Karl did though) he didn't show up the diner at 2 last night.

Didn't quite get up on time again, slept an extra hour. Was real painful for the first half hour after getting up. Just kinda tired now, it'll be interesting to see how I feel after my first nap this morning.

Working on Jazz Blues rythm. At least I'm doing something useful. I spend so much time considering how far away 4 oclock is (that's the time we do our main 3 hr sleep) that I don't anything useful, which makes more available time useless. I've started making a list of things to work, always a good step. Trying to break things down into small bits that I can easily accomplish.

The actual technique of sleep does seem to be working. I've had naps roughly every 4 hours and get up from them feeling pretty good. The part I dread is still getting up at 7 after the 3 hour sleep. I hope that gets easer as time goes on.

We have talked about moving the main sleep earlier in the night since getting to 4 oclock is always seems a long way away. Think it makes sense to be awake more during the day light hours than all in the middel of the night.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Day 5

A bit groggy but not too bad. Starting to think this can work. Might adjust my hours a bit tonight by moving the main (3hr) sleep block from 4-7 upto 3-6. Gets pretty lonely around 3 or 4 in the morning.

Have several things I would like to accomplish:
o Improve my guitar skill (been kinda stuck a certain level for some time now, maybe I can finally push through to the next level).
o Start working on a set of songs to play and sing, both vocals and some instrumentals.
o Continue to learn Mandarin
o Learn more about parsing and compilers (fairly low on list)
o Do my SMC
o Read some more non-fiction, science etc (reading einsteins description of relativity).

Day 5 - damn, slept in again (only 1 hour this time - guess that's an improvement - need a nap already)

I've mostly made it through the first 5 days of the sleep program. I slept in a couple of times plus missed some naps. Other than that I've been able to stay up and get the extra hours in without too many ill effects.

My biggest problem is lack of motiviation to actually accomplish the things I want to do. My biggest goal is to play guitar better. But I seem to have problems getting started on anything. I don't quite understand what the problem is. At work I can accomplish large complex tasks on time. I have no problem putting in lots of hours when deadlines are looming. How come I can't accomplish the thing I really love to do.

I think I get overwhelmed by how much I'd like to do. There are so many different areas of guitar I'd like to work on. When I program I always break things into small pieces, which allows me to be complete that small thing, feel successful and then move on the next gradually building the big picture. I guess I need to do something similar with guitar. I probably need some reasonable milestones too.

Day 4 - made it to 4 the previous night but slept in till about 10 - oops. Missed some naps during the day (will have to get more disciplined)

Day 3 -

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Had my first nap at 2:10, woken up 3 minutes early by Karl
Made it through the first night. We met at the diner at 2 just to make sure we all stayed awake.
Got up at 7, feeling a bit groggy (basically end of first full day) but not too bad yet, guess tomorrow will be worse

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